Snowshoeing ~ Reno Tahoe


The Reno Tahoe area has so many places to explore the outdoors, whether you want to stay on the trail or venture off into the wilderness .  The scenery is absolutely stunning.  Winter can bring some of the best views with the snow covered trees, so get outside and enjoy them!

Galena Creek has some dog friendly options.  This will likely be more of a hiking trail throughout the year, rather than a snowshoeing destination.  Snowshoeing at Mount Rose can give you city and lake views.

In addition, many Lake Tahoe ski resorts may have snowshoe rentals.  For suggestions on places to snowshoe, check out:   Snowshoeing Reno and Tahoe Adventure Company.


One of the best things about Reno Tahoe is having snow all over the mountains in the winter months, but not in the valley.  You may be able hike during the winter with a good pair of boots!  Check the guide of hiking trails for maps and more information.

Temperature swings can be drastic in the winter and weather can be unpredictable.  Make sure you are property equipped.



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