Reno Resources

Local Government Agencies

From contacting the City to setting up a new business, you may have a need to contact one or more of our local government agencies.


Reno enjoys a relatively low tax exposure compared to other cities, especially those nearby.  Nevada does not have a state/personal income tax.

Getting Around Reno

Reno only has 2 freeways, I-80 running East and West and I-580 running North and South (formerly 395); in addition, we have McCarran, which is essentially a belt loop.  Reno-Tahoe Airport is gaining more flights all the time.

Reno Weather

The weather here is amazing!  You can ski in the mornings and golf in the afternoons.  You get to experience all 4 seasons and the beauty each of them bring to our area.

Fascinating Facts

Learn some fascinating facts about Reno!


View the Reno area demographics.